Yes, Indeed, You Are Right, That's It

by Viva Mars

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All songs written by Viva Mars.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Viva Mars. Mastered by Dave Graham.

This album is the first half of a double album. The second album is currently in production. The album will be released in physical form in 2014. The fully complete project will be titled: Yes, Indeed, You Are Right, That's It. But Of Course, Yes, Definitely, Right.


released December 12, 2012

Thomas Helliwell - vocals, guitar, keys, mandolin, banjo, ukulele
Christopher Russo - guitar, vocals, trombone
Jonathan Neal - bass, guitar, vocals
Jordan Sheppard - drums, percussion
Emily Posteraro (the Penny Loafers) - strings



all rights reserved


Viva Mars Toronto, Ontario

Viva Mars are a Canadian indie rock band whose abilities and interests span the musical spectrum. Formed in 2007, Viva Mars creatively mesh their broad musical and artistic influences together, crafting a unique sound rooted in rock n’ roll and pop. They just independently recorded and released their double album project Yes, Indeed, You Are Right, That’s It. But Of Course, Yes, Definitely, Right ... more

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Track Name: Some Far Off Place
Some far off place away from here
Where I could be alone
And stay up late and lie around
Do everything on my own terms
But I would become bored of this
I would be complacent
Such a life might not exist
As everything contains some

Useful, sentimental mystery
Useful or existential mystery

To speak the name
To say it loud
To bring it to the light
And understand that nothing can
Be without its strife
Track Name: Once Good Friends
Ride right through
It's alright, sometimes
It's all on you
And you feel it weighing down
Don't lose your head
It will commence
As sure as it seems longs
It is so short-lived now

I waited but like a dove you flew from me
Away, so far away from me
My baby has never learned the right things
And now it's surreal, unreal
Everything I say sounds wrong

It's on again
And then a night spent licking our wounds
I don't understand
And then I do, I do, and it makes me want to

Change things
To see it all in a different way
It pains me
To finally see what its done to us

We were once good friends
And then we were strangers
I don't understand
And then I do, I do, I can see
Track Name: Pride
Pride, my daughter
Will not bring you smiles
Time spent freely
For a short while
Keep your feelings in
Don't let 'em inside
Pride, my daughter
Is something to hide

If you stay with me
I will not retreat
We can restart everything
If nothing's meant to be

Healthy body
Will bring me good times
Long nights sleeping
And days spent outside
But something's missing
I'm not satisfied
Lonesome feeling
Taking all my time

If you stay with me
We will be our own
A person incomplete
Together we're whole
Track Name: Nothing Doing
Inside there's nothing doing
I swear the wind blows through it
But you still doubt it, babe
As if you can really say
To see how it fits together
Wouldn't make it fit any better
Just let it all play out
Get lost in the winning crowd
They're silent now

I can't control it:
Try not to try
If you forget you will recall

Don't feel sad about it
You know I don't really mind it
It's something I can't explain
It doesn't mean anything
It's everything
It could mean everything
Track Name: Tender Dreams/Rotten Lover Song
Tender dreams
I wish you sleep
Apart from me, peacefully
As though it seems
You are with me
Exchanging heat
I can't help the way things are
And I don't mean to try
Even when it feels so blue
It will be different soon

What do you want I know
There are things I have done wrong
And times I have been cold to you
Though it hurts to say
Our best days are far behind us now
I'm afraid it could be true
But I don't like it how 'bout you?

Don't remark without listening
Forget the love with a passion darling
Never could I do it even if I wanted to

I told you how I felt
What it would do I could not tell
And now it's only brought me down
You're the one I want
Confused by feelings that I though
Had gone away but only grew for you
I only grew for you

Don't treat me any different
You have always been perfect darling
Never could I be as happy as when I'm with you

Your bed is right for me
My bed is right for you
Our bed for us sleeping
Together all night long
Track Name: You Just Slept
See the swimmers in the stream
It's too cold to dip my feet
I see them all breathe deeply
Held tight in anxious grief

Late night in the city
All the lights make it hard to see
The dawn breaks so quickly now
It's not quick enough for me

You slept through the morning birth
I saw the sun come into the world
It's beautiful but so alone
I know what loves means now, ow

I see the children walk to school
Holding hands across the street
How I long to be there again
How I'd like some strict routine

I know what loves means now
And it will last forever
Track Name: Busy, Busy, Busy
All I ever see
Is busy, busy people humming
Crossing every street
Stretching their necks to see what's coming
Going all the time
Somewhere different, always moving
Never felt quite right
Always becoming, never being

Wait for me, oh wait for me
So far ahead of everything
Wait and see, Oh wait for me
So far ahead of me

Aching body wakes
In the morning to start working
Making small mistakes
Compensation for my hurting
Even when it's said
I don't listen and fill my position
Keep it in my head
Worthy something replaced by nothing

It's not for, this part of me
To give myself to everything
Wait and see, I'll wait and see
What becomes of me
Track Name: Uneasy
When you were my love
We both chose to grow up
And it made us a great deal colder
It made strange the others' shoulder
I see things since then
And I reassess what its always meant

It's so uneasy now
I hope it will settle down
Why bother with anything
When nothing is permanent

When we were at my home
We quickly became the others own
Even still I feel
Some part about me that you own
I see things since then
And I recall what its always meant

It's so uneasy now
I see things much different now
Wy bother with loving
When it only leads to this

Oh, goodness come to me
So long its been
Track Name: Without Pain
Helpless to your own desires
Satisfied all the time
Never one to compromise
You get along with everyone
You would not be where you are without pain
It would never feel as good without pain

Hard-earned sunlight
After a long nights wait

It would never feel so good
Nothing would be as it should
I would not be who I am
Without pain

Feel out the deep
Feel the way it moves
Being will cease
Becoming will overtake